School Counselor (1970)

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overview : Aizawa Hinata is a high school counselor who provides support to students with school and family problems. This is motivated by the warped relationship she had with her over-controlling mother which she could not discuss with anyone. One day, a male student who has not been attending school confesses that he likes her. However, he dies mysteriously the next day. Hinata takes action to determine the cause of his death and learns that the boy suffered insidious bullying at school and excessive meddling by his mother. He had a record of delinquency and kept rough company. Hinata is hounded by his mother who believes that she is responsible for her son's suicide, and is driven to the verge of breaking down.
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Mao InoueHinata Aizawa
Yukie NakamaMakiko Yoshioka
Mitsuhiro OikawaNaoki Kirishima
Asuka KudoKazuhiko Honjo
Kenshin EndoKeigo Yoshioka
Jin ShirasuYujiro Kitami
Yua ShinkawaNao Oomiya
Satomi TezukaNaoko Aizawa
Sho AoyagiShuhei Kojima
Yui SakumaKasumi Shirai
Yûichi HabaHiroo Todoroki
Aisa TakeuchiEmiri Yoshioka