The Post Telegrapher (1912)

Apr 30, 1912 25 min Watch Trailer

overview : Bob Evans, a telegraph operator, together with a group of soldiers gets ambushed by Sioux Indians. Wounded, he climbs into a telegraph pole and asks through the telegraph wires for help from the fort. Bob's fiancée Edith comes along with the soldiers. The soldiers find only dead bodies and decide to chase the Indians. Edith stays behind to search for Bob. She finds him and together they return to the fort. The Sioux then attack the fort, but when the situation seems hopeless, the army returns and the Indians are expelled.
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Francis FordBob Evans - the Post Telegrapher
Ann LittleEva Reynolds - the Colonel's Daughter
Ray MyersThe Second Telegrapher
Lillian ChristyThe Settler's Daughter
Jack Conway
Mildred Harris

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