Brother for All the Money (1979)

May 01, 1979 74 min Watch Trailer

overview : Honza and Zuzana are very young husband and wife. They have a little daughter of whom willingly occasionally take care the grandparents and Honza's fifteen-year-old brother Martin. Zuzana continues studying and Honza devotes all weekends as an amateur competitor to the motor-cycles at the speedway. Zuzana is not interested in motor-cycles. Martin holds responsible for his brother's marriage and at the advice of his friend Magda, who is of the same age, invites her sister-in-law to the club of Hucul horses so that she does not feel bored. But by misfortunes and unexplained quarrels both young husband and wife start being jealous of one another.
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Jan HrušínskýHonza Pavelka
Libuše ŠafránkováZuzana Pavelková
Vladimír MenšíkOtec Zuzany
Josef BláhaOtec Honzy
Roman ČadaMartin Pavelka
Magdalena ReifováMagda Morávková

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