No One Writes to the Colonel (1999)

Jun 04, 1999 118 min Watch Trailer

overview : Every Friday, the Colonel puts on his only suit and goes to the dock to await a letter announcing the arrival of his pension. But the townsfolk all know that this pension will never come. His wife also knows it, and even he knows it. But he is still waiting, living with the pain of the death of his son.
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Fernando LujánEl coronel
Marisa ParedesLola
Salma HayekJulia
Rafael InclánPadre Ángel
Ernesto YáñezDon Sabas
Daniel Giménez CachoNogales
Esteban SoberanesGermán
Patricia Reyes SpíndolaJacinta
Odiseo BichirDr. Pardo
Julián PastorLugones
Eugenio LoboÁlvaro

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